Balance eBook includes:

Balance is a collection of unique and original recipes created by Tish. Use this ebook to expand your knowledge in creating explosive exciting new dishes whilst experimenting with new tastes and flavour combining. The bountiful of recipes Tish shares within this ebook can be adapted and shaped to suit your personal tastes and needs no matter what your individual personal eating preference may be.

  • 60 + Original Plant-Based Recipe
  • High Quality Beautiful Image For Each Recipe
  • Intuitive and Seasonal Eating
  • Soaking wholefoods 101
  • Cupboard/ Pantry Essentials
  • Reset And Refresh Self Care Tips
  • Gluten Free
  • Refined Sugar Free
  • Clear Concise Step By Step Instructions
  • 120 + Pages
  • Breakfast, Dips & Sides, Mains And Desserts
  • Raw Food Options


  1. RG Vegan

    An amazing body of work!! So very creative and original, I can’t wait to try them all. Well done Tish, you should be very proud!

  2. Rogue Vegan

    This is such a beautifully made piece of work. From the innovative recipes to the artful photography, it’s just stunning. The recipes are clearly born from passion and are healing yet delicious! Such a great purchase! Thanks Tish for the sharing this with us. You can clearly see the time and love put into it!

  3. Shirley Forbes (verified owner)

    I have been a subscriber of Tishwonders for some time now and I am always delighted when she announces that she is working on a new ebook. Her recipes are so delicious, innovative and colourful. I have already cooked the mung bean lemongrass Dahl and the mushroom pasta and there are simply no words to describe the sheer pleasure on the tastebuds!!
    Tish has truly surpassed herself with this wonderful collection of plant based recipes and she is an inspiration for anyone who enjoys cooking flavoursome food .

  4. Rose Badmus

    If you’re thinking about buying this book please do just that!

    BALANCE is a masterpiece in it’s own right and I am sincerely excited by what TishWonders has to offer.

    Having attended a couple of TishWonders supper clubs (of which my tastebuds have never been disappointed by) I was thrilled to see a plethora of her colourfully displayed dishes along with easy to follow steps.

    Whether you consider yourself to be a novice in the kitchen or a well-versed cook this eBook will most definitely have you rushing to the kitchen to recreate a range of super tasty, health enhancing dishes from the first recipe to the last!

  5. rochelleruddock (verified owner)

    The beautiful tish wonders 🙂 this sister never EVER!!!! disappoints you with her amazing ideas and flavour combinations. She has inspired me so much in the kitchen since I turned plant based she has gave me so much confidence in the kitchen now. Her ebooks are amazing the recipes are to die for and you get great info about grains etc. the recipes are very easy to follow and theres recipes that don’t take long to make at all.
    Thank you tish for this book can’t wait for many more to come

  6. roberts.dennicea (verified owner)

    This recipe book is beautifully written. You can tell Tish created this project with the utmost love and passion, the images make you want to devour them out of the computer monitor Lol. I cant wait to try them all. Good job Tish!❤

  7. Pamela Crum (verified owner)

    I really amazing book, and the recipes are so beautiful and delicious. So excited to see what else Tish comes up with.

  8. malenejensen (verified owner)

    Best recipe book I own so far!

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