4 Ebook Bundle

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Purchase all 4 books; Buddha Bowls, Festive Wonders, Balance and Plant-Based Wonders. Buddha Bowls is Tish’s latest ebook showcasing her much loved and popular magical rainbow vegetable filled bowls. Festive Wonders is collection of 14 sumptuous luxury recipes that will transform your holiday celebrations. Balance is a collection of 60+ unique and original recipes created by Tish. Use this book to expand your knowledge in creating explosive exciting new dishes whilst experimenting with new tastes and flavour combining. Plant-Based Wonders is Tish’s debut recipe book which features 45+ recipes for breakfast, sides, mains and sweet treats. Tish aims to show you just how rewarding and accessible healthy eating can be.



  1. Derrick Wade

    Looks awesome

  2. Ruby Okosi Vanarsdale


  3. Ruby Okosi Vanarsdale

    Great recipes

  4. Ann

    Excellent to start new journey.

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